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The Halpern Group developed Recovery Management for one specific reason – to preserve and grow settlements and awards achieved for negligently-injured people. It gives negligently-injured people access to what is rightfully theirs – their full recovery – while safekeeping the funds for future needs.

Our team of Recovery Management specialists is fully familiar with the unique circumstances, needs, and concerns of injured plaintiffs. We bring to the table extensive experience in both assett management and disbursement for individuals with special lifelong needs and limited alternatives.

Statistics show that at least 90% of plaintiffs will squander their financial recover within five years of settlement. Our passion and sole purpose is to protect negligently-injured people and their families. We have succeeded in reducing this number from 90% all the way down to less than 1%.


  • Representation at Mediations and Court
  • Medicare Set-Aside Trusts
  • Management Trusts
  • Structured Attorney Fees
  • Special Needs Trust (including our Exclusive "Trigger Trusts")
  • Assisting Plaintiffs to Rebuild their Financial Plan
  • Structured Settlement Trusts Treasury Inflation Protection Bonds ("TIPS")
  • Section 130X Structured Settlements for Cash Settlements New Minimum Funding Requirement - $50,000
  • The Best On-Going Service Provided Anywhere...