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Proprietary Investment Software

The Halpern Group’s Recovery Management offering is powered by our RM Software. This highly sophisticated software is specially engineered and designed to help Recovery Management specialist meet the unique financial needs of negligently-injured people – specifically, increasing returns relative to inherent risks and providing access to funds when needed most. RM Software is so powerful that it has historically outperformed the S&P 500 stock index – and has even been proven to grow funds – in recessionary periods.

This system operationalizes the most basic and powerful investment strategy in history for the risk-averse: buy low, sell high – providing clients with the confidence they need regardless of the overall economic climate.


  • Representation at Mediations and Court
  • Medicare Set-Aside Trusts
  • Management Trusts
  • Structured Attorney Fees
  • Special Needs Trust (including our Exclusive "Trigger Trusts")
  • Assisting Plaintiffs to Rebuild their Financial Plan
  • Structured Settlement Trusts Treasury Inflation Protection Bonds ("TIPS")
  • Section 130X Structured Settlements for Cash Settlements New Minimum Funding Requirement - $50,000
  • The Best On-Going Service Provided Anywhere...