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The Halpern Group’s Recovery Management practice is the one and only financial solution that is designed solely for negligently-injured people and their families. With unique challenges, the possibility of sky-high medical bills and a lifetime of special needs ahead of them, our Recovery Management professionals exclusively manage negligently-injured people’s finances to satisfy special safety, liquidity and risk tolerance needs. All of our products are built so that funds can never be sold to aftermarket factoring companies, so you know that they’ll be safe.

Some of our solutions for negligently-injured people include:

  • Recovery Management Trusts
  • Plaintiff Protection Trusts
  • Medicare Set-Aside Trusts
  • Structured Settlement Trusts
  • Help in rebuilding Plaintiff’s credit so they may rebuild their lives
  • Total financial planning for negligently injured people
  • Development of a critical banking relationship with a major financial institution that understands the very special circumstances surrounding the lives of negligently injured people.


  • Representation at Mediations and Court
  • Medicare Set-Aside Trusts
  • Management Trusts
  • Structured Attorney Fees
  • Special Needs Trust (including our Exclusive "Trigger Trusts")
  • Assisting Plaintiffs to Rebuild their Financial Plan
  • Structured Settlement Trusts Treasury Inflation Protection Bonds ("TIPS")
  • Section 130X Structured Settlements for Cash Settlements New Minimum Funding Requirement - $50,000
  • The Best On-Going Service Provided Anywhere...