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Recovery Management seeks to strike a balance between desires and needs so that we do not sacrifice the future. With over 25 years of experience, we understand the challenges negligently-injured people face as a result of a profound injury or loss, and we are dedicated to helping overcome them. While Recovery Management products are flexible, they come with built-in protections to safeguard against unwise spending. This is referred to as “disbursement management.” We carefully consider each request for distribution and are always here to provide guidance – ensuring plaintiffs’ true needs are honored as dictated by the Agreement custom-designed with each plaintiff.

Dedicated to the absolute best interest of the plaintiff, we are realistic and financially flexible in order to tap into funds or adapt financially to the unforeseen challenges that may lie ahead.


  • Representation at Mediations and Court
  • Medicare Set-Aside Trusts
  • Management Trusts
  • Structured Attorney Fees
  • Special Needs Trust (including our Exclusive "Trigger Trusts")
  • Assisting Plaintiffs to Rebuild their Financial Plan
  • Structured Settlement Trusts Treasury Inflation Protection Bonds ("TIPS")
  • Section 130X Structured Settlements for Cash Settlements New Minimum Funding Requirement - $50,000
  • The Best On-Going Service Provided Anywhere...