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For those finally emerging from personal injury lawsuits, tomorrow will come with questions and a need for help. And no matter what tomorrow brings, tomorrow needs a plan. One that allows every day thereafter to fall into place as worry-free as possible. Trust, like answers, should not be hard to find – especially when it comes to securing and managing your recovery. And yet it is.

So much so that 90% of plaintiffs will squander their financial recovery within five years of settlement. If this sounds unimaginable and unnecessary, it is. So we decided not to let another day go by where people who suffered once, would suffer twice.

We are The Halpern Group.

And more than a decade ago, we established a groundbreaking practice called Recovery Management. Simple in theory, the idea was to provide sound and safe strategies so that individuals and families alike could preserve their settlement or award – giving them the flexibility they deserve and the safety they need. So safe, in fact, that none of The Halpern Group’s trusts can be sold to aftermarket factoring companies.

Today, we are the preeminent firm in Recovery Management. Our trust, expertise and reputation speak for themselves. Recently, we joined forces with one of the nation’s largest and strongest banks in a move that quite simply and wisely suggests: the more people working on the plaintiff’s behalf, the more answers we can provide.

Tomorrow the sun will rise. People will go to work. Children will go to school. And another day will unfold. Just don’t let it go by without help from us.

– The Halpern Group


  • Representation at Mediations and Court
  • Medicare Set-Aside Trusts
  • Management Trusts
  • Structured Attorney Fees
  • Special Needs Trust (including our Exclusive "Trigger Trusts")
  • Assisting Plaintiffs to Rebuild their Financial Plan
  • Structured Settlement Trusts Treasury Inflation Protection Bonds ("TIPS")
  • Section 130X Structured Settlements for Cash Settlements New Minimum Funding Requirement - $50,000
  • The Best On-Going Service Provided Anywhere...